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Sites for Homosexuals

Exodus is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian organization promoting the message of "Freedom from homosexuality through the power of Jesus Christ." www.exodus-international.org/about_exodus.shtml

To find one near you -www.exodus-international.org/ministry.shtml

Testimonies - www.exodus-international.org/testimonials_left_homosexuality.shtml

Frequently asked questions - www.exodus-international.org/exodus_faqs.shtml

Facts on homosexuality - www.family.org/cforum/topics/a0018813.cfm

Love Won Out - http://www.lovewonout.com/

Focus on the Family is promoting the truth that homosexuality is preventable and treatable — a message routinely silenced today. We want people to know that individuals don't have to be gay. That's why we've developed a one-day conference for those looking for answers on this often-divisive issue. Whether an educator, parent, concerned citizen or even a gay activist, Love Won Out will inform, inspire and offer hope. www.family.org/cforum/lwo

A listing of helps for homosexuals -


Homosexuality is a sin. - www.web-ministry.com/sin/index.php

EXODUS MINISTRIES, INC. - www.exodusministry.4t.com

The Truth Project.org/ = Biblical world view

Deidox.com = http://deidox.com/films/deon/ = A short film series telling true stories of active God.


Sites for Prisoners

To glorify God through a ministry to ex-offenders and their families. To glorify God through a residential ministry that disciples and encourages ex-offenders, reunites them with their families, and empowers them to become self-sustaining, productive, Christ-centered members of society.

Prison Fellowship Ministries is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization with one mission: exhort, equip, and assist the Church in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families, and to promote biblical standards of justice in the criminal justice system. -

Sites for Pornography

Pure Intimacy
A Focus on the Family resource for people struggling with online temptations of pornography as well as those who are concerned about them. -

If you are struggling with online sexual temptation. - www.pureintimacy.org/online1

For you If you love someone who is struggling with online sexual temptation. - http://www.pureintimacy.org/online2

Help for anyone involved in pornography or knows someone who is. www.ManOnTheRoad.org

Hope, help and freedom for anyone involved in pornography and for someone who knows them. - www.settingcaptivesfree.com/home

Help for hurting women. -


ARTICLE: How to Protect Your Kids Online

Be Broken Ministries - Info on helping friends or family caught up into any kind of sexual addictions. The founder is available for seminars in churches. Counselor referral service is available.

Breaking Pornography Addiction - A Plan For Personal Success. Recommends books, accountability and Covenant Eyes software.

www.ManOnTheRoad.org - A Ministry for Pornography Addicts and The People Who Love Them. Resources for parents and wives of addicts. This is some of the best material on the internet because the people who have written it know about pornography addiction FIRST-HAND.

Institute For Sexual Integrity. Helpful information for Pastors, Churches, Parents, and Therapists about porn/sexual addictions and ways to recognize these addictions.

Setting Captives Free. Includes 60 day Pure Freedom Course and Purity Force Challenge for teens.

Winning Edge Ministries - dedicated to restoring fallen pastors and religious leaders.

New Life Partners - a support group for women whose husbands are pornography/sexual addicts.

Help for porn addicts. - www.truthminers.com/truth/help_for_porn_addicts.htm

Gives encouragement and support to men who are addicted to pornography and other sexual problems; to bring them to the awareness that they cannot be free in their own power, but only through faith in Jesus Christ; to provide a safe environment for recovery and spiritual growth. - http://freeinchrist.truepath.com/index.htm

Resources for those involved in pornography.- www.purelifeministries.org

For victims of pornography. - www.afa.net/pornography/victims.asp

Esther Ministries is to empower women by giving them new hope in Jesus Christ, and by supplying the tools they need to live a more abundant life. The goal is to help women break the cycles of sexual addiction within their families that have thrived for generations. - www.estherministries.org/main.htm

Help for those with porn internet addictions - www.famguard.net/core/addiction_help.asp -

Sexual addiction resources -


Sites for Abstinence from Sexual Activity and Pregnancy Centers

- Abstinence Educators' Network (AEN) Inc., is a non-profit organization composed of individuals and agencies who are deeply concerned about the sexual health of young people. Through Character Based/Premarital Abstinence Education, our mission is to assist youth in avoiding untimely pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and emotional trauma. We have Regional Coordinators serving the 5 major Ohio cities. (Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland) http://members.tripod.com/abednet/index.html

It's never too late! - http://members.tripod.com/abednet/not_too_late.htm

How to talk to your parents. -


Abortion, help for after abortion -

After an Abortion: Steps Toward Healing - www.afterabortion.org/stepheal.html

Hope after abortion.com - http://www.hopeafterabortion.com/hope.cfm?sel=B2AK

hurting since your abortion. - http://www.gospelcom.net/projectgrace/hurting.php

Considering abortion.- http://www.gospelcom.net/projectgrace/considering.php

Abortion facts. - http://www.roevwade.org/index2.html

Steps to healing after abortion. - www.ramahinternational.org/ramahprodtract.cfm

A Safe haven of help for those who have had an abortion. - www.safehavenministries.com

After abortion links - www.afterabortion.org/PALinks.html

Post abortion assistance - www.pregnancycenters.org/postabort.html

Healing hearts ministry for after abortion. - www.healinghearts.org 

Pregnancy centers online. - www.pregnancycenters.org/listings.html

Sites for Sexual Education -

Sex education - www.family.org/cforum/topics/a0018810.cfm

Recommended Links -

medinstitute.org The Medical Institute is an excellent resource for research findings and current reports on sexually transmitted diseases and other issues affecting sexual health.

passion4purity.com Passion 4 Purity provides a variety of support systems for ages 12-22 for promoting abstinence.

straight-talk.com An organization that promotes chastity as a positive alternative to the prevailing sex related problems among our youth. Abstinence resources, handouts, and support counseling are also available. RespectIncorporated.com

Long-time provider of school curricula and other abstinence resources. projectreality.org

In addition to abstinence curricula and related materials, in-service teacher training seminars are provided for all participating schools, as well as a variety of motivational speakers for school assemblies.

teen-aid.org Provides abstinence and character education curricula, materials and research.

abstinence.com The National Abstinence Clearinghouse provides resources, conferences, and more to promote the appreciation for and practice of sexual purity (abstinence) until marriage.

abstinencedu.com A great interactive link that provides research, chat, and more! Smart people of all ages are discovering that saving sexual intimacy for marriage makes a whole lot of sense--for all kinds of reasons! On this site you can find the facts you need in the Library, ask tough questions, and share your thoughts.

Lovematters.com A site filled with testimonials from sports and movie stars who support sexual abstinence unless marriage. Includes a printable full-color 28 page newspaper with lots of how-to and why info.

popularge.com Pop star Lakita Garth and The Naked Truth perform a program that points out the benefits of teen abstinence in a personable and humorous way. By the end of the session, kids are motivated to make a pact with themselves to abstain until marriage because it makes sense to them.

notmenotnow.org Not Me, Not Now is a teen pregnancy prevention program designed to encourage youth ages 9-14 to postpone sexual involvement. The program relies on young kids to deliver an abstinence message to their peers.

mnmproducts.com Home of The Abstinence KNot® - The Sign of a New Revolution.

psquared.org Prevention Partners helps promote healthy choices for youths and adults in communities throughout Monroe County and Western New York. We provide drug prevention and abstinence programs and events, an interactive Web site, and a mobile resource called the Prevention Extension to spread our drug-free message and give you the support to handle almost any situation.

acgreen.com The A.C. Green Youth Foundation is a nonprofit youth organization that strongly promotes the message of abstinence through a documentary/music video titled "It Ain’t Worth It!" starring A.C. Green and including an all-star lineup of athletes from the NBA and NFL, as well as Olympic competitors.

getthetruth.net An easy place to discuss the facts and feelings behind sexual health and relationships. We believe our youth deserve the best and that lowering the standards is not the answer. Our goal is to show that being abstinent unless married leaves you free to have fun without the worry of the risks associated with unwed sexual activity.

truelovewaits.com True Love Waits is an international campaign that challenges teenagers and college students to remain sexually abstinent until marriage. To date, over a million young people have signed covenant cards stating: "Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my friends, my future mate, and my future children to be sexually abstinent from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship."

ohioabstinencecampaign.com The Ohio Abstinence Campaign (OAC) has as it's mission to promote, support, and coordinate a collaborative statewide effort that empowers parents and communities to strengthen their youth in healthy decision making primarily as it relates to drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex.

aimforsuccess.org Through live presentations students are encouraged to develop strong, responsible character as they deal with sexual pressure. Students learn the wisdom of committing to be sexually abstinent until marriage. Parents are inspired to raise responsible children who know that their choices have consequences. Teachers also receive creative ideas on how to implement the abstinence movement into their classrooms and how to develop support groups for students.



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