Reader Testimonies

Readers have offered their own testimonies via e-mail of what the Love of God has done to change their personal lives irrevocably.  We have never asked for these true stories, however, any person IN Christ cannot help but exclaim the Great News of God's Love!!

Here are some of them:

Incident of new life:     I am a Pakistani evangelist and I want to tell my
witness that how has God saved me. We are three brothers and one sister. I was indulge in the life of sin. Every Physical thing was in myself. Telling lie,
abusing and fighting with others was common in my life. I knew only that God is one and He has sent his son Jesus in this world.
      I did not knew anything more than that because I did not studied the Bible and if I studied it, I could not understand it. I had been living a sinful life.  At last a time came when I began to wonder taking gun in my hands. I began to think that to murder anybody was not difficult.  I used to go to church thrice a year.  Now time came when God wanted to take me out of the life of sins. He sent his evangelist Baber Emanual from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. He
started to serve God in our house and families. I found pure love in him. He started to tell me from the Holy Bible and I began to learn. When I pondered over my life I found it completely different.  But I felt relief with preachings of Bible and I began to search the love of God and I came to know that God give his only Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. I am thankful to Lord Jesus that he Changed my life. Then one day evangelist Baber Emanual held a prayer meeting. He shared the words of God. He recited (Galatians ch.5 verses16to 21).These words completely changed my life. I bowed to God and promised that "oh my Lord I will never go against your will. Please forgive all my sins."  Now, He has made me his son. All glory goes to Jesus Lord. When I got Holy Spirit Baptism, I felt myself breathing in a new world.   Now I am thankful to God, who is using me everywhere for his work. The one who will read this God will bless him with the cause of this incident. Your Brother in Jesus Christ, Evangelist Naeem Rasheed     Address:    Chain Prayer Ministry -  P/o Ugoki Dulchike Sialkot Pakistan

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I am a quadriplegic, since 1968-car accident-120 miles per hour-broke my neck-doctors gave me up for dead-    spend ten years is a state hospital-    living in my own apartment now since 1979-    do one believe in me-    told me that I would be back in the hospital within three months of less-    still living in my own home-    plus in April 25, 1983 I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior-    I'm still in a wheel chair, but my life couldn't be any greater as if I was walking. plus since I have been born again-God gave me a chance to do a walk-with braces and a walker and people help, I walk three blocks in three days-people could not believe it-    I can do all things through with strengthen me-amen-     I cook, shop, write, not got anything publish yet-  but trying-artist, volunteer work, go around to different churches and give my testimony as God will have it-    help and He blessed many people this testimony.  James Harrison Twyman Junior. ... Maryland, USA  GOD BLESS

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"Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved." "Todo aquel que invoque el nombre del Seńor sera salvo." - Joel 2:32, Romans 10:13, Romanos 10:13

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