Testimony Prayer

The Prayer I prayed:

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, You know we have a flat tire and are on the side of the road.   Would You please send someone to us to help fix the flat tire? Would You please … (And as I was saying this, my right hand raises up high above my head, palm up in prayer by the Holy Spirit, giving glory to God) … send someone for Your glory to fix our tire.  Jesus would You please send someone so that all may know that You are God and that Your children hear your voice and do Your Will for Your purpose and Your glory alone. (The prayer continued on and on like this…)  Lord, so that the ends of the earth may know that You alone are God - You alone are holy and powerful and capable to do all things that you Will.  (The prayer went on like that for a while longer.) That the whole world would know You are God - that Your children hear Your voice and do Your Will, so that Your glory shines throughout the earth!! That You alone are sovereign and in control of all things. That You alone are God and worthy to be praised!! And that Your Will will be accomplished as you desire it. (And as the Spirit of the Lord was finished praying through me, I continued.) And Jesus, would you please send someone to fix our flat tire? Thank you Father!! Amen.

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        When I finished the prayer, my eyes gazed across the highway to the other side of the median strip.  There my eyes made contact with a stranger.  I quickly looked away, for I did not want to draw attention to myself, for I realized I was in the "real" world where bad guys lurk.  

        However, that car pulled up behind me after crossing the highway to go in the opposite direction to help me.   When the gentleman got out of his car, he quickly and quietly asked if I needed help with my flat tire.  I said, "Yes, Thank you!"  He asked business-like for the jack and if I had a spare.  I showed them to him in my trunk.  He immediately got to work, very quietly, to fix my  flat tire.  However, I couldn't help but ask him a question I had never asked anyone before.   After remembering the prayer that the Holy Spirit had me pray, I asked, "Are you a Christian?"

The man answered, "Yes, ma'am, I am a Christian."    Well, I couldn’t' tell from that answer if He was the kind of Christian I was speaking of.  Many people call themselves Christians because they go to a church, or belong to a denomination, or were raised by Christian parents.   So my excitement for the Lord's prayer through me propelled me to ask, "Are you a born-again Christian?" The kindly faced man, who was now smiling said, "Yes, I am a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ!!" -"God did it!!", I exclaimed, "Praise to our sovereign Lord and God and Father!!"

I was so excited because the Lord had  brought His child to the aid of myself!! God's children do hear His voice and do His Will for His purposes and glory!!  What a praise for our sovereign and Good Lord!!   

Then, I was prompted by the Lord to ask of his employment.  This I felt quite uncomfortable about.  After all, it is one thing to ask about someone's faith, at least you can spread the Good News, but to be nosy ... I wasn't sure.  So I asked my Father, "How can I do this?  I know you want me to,  please make me able.  How am I to think of this?"  My Father's quick response was, "Just ask him.  We are all to care about all of each other, every facet of our lives.  For nothing is hidden from me, and I want all of my children to be helpful as I lead them in helping others.  Care for each other as I care for you."   So, with concern about this man's life, and its quality, I asked him while he was on his knees fixing the flat, "What do you do for work?"    He said, "I am a billboard designer."

Well, that synched it!!  My thoughts stopped dead in my tracks.  This was a divine appointment for God to tell me what to do, led by His child/messenger, for His purposes and Will and glory!!  Knowing to test and approve everything for the Lord's Word to be sure,  I asked him, "Do you have a business card?"  He immediately reached into his pocket and handed me one.  His name was on it, and his title, too.  I now had something concrete, which I had asked the Lord for as solid proof that He wanted me to do this, and thereby my Father, God, would equip me, teach me, guide me, and supply all He needed for me to accomplish His Will for His glory. 

        I was stunned.  Now I knew I had a job to do. I also trusted that the Lord would be the One to fulfill it.  The Lord Jesus Christ would fulfill His plan and work for me to do which was to post God's Word on billboards thought the USA and throughout the other countries. God's Word would go throughout the world.  I just had to be changed by Him, be more and more cleansed by Him, learn from Him, listen to Him and obey Him, for His praise, purposes and glory!! Amen!!


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