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Cost of Billboards:   God's Word appears on 14' x 48' billboards along major highways and arteries of many major cities.  Each day hundreds of thousands of people can read God's Word on the way to work, after work, on vacations...!!  These have the most traffic viewing for the dollar. 
To manufacture, post and sustain one Scripture vinyl billboard costs between $1800 - 2200 for 12 months. That averages $167 per month, or $5.57 per day for 1,500,000 people to read God's Word monthly and be invited to receive the Lord Jesus Christ on this website.   BFC pays about 5% of what commercial companies pay.
For $1.00 you can reach 10,000 people with the Word of God each day of the  month on just one billboard!!  On average, each billboards is viewed by over 1,500,000 people per month on the average.

         Our goal is to have a billboard up in every state in the U. S. A. and some in Australia, France, Japan and where ever else the Lord opens the door for His Word to enter!  Bring me to your list of cities.

Publicity:   BFC is only publicized by e-mail and its  billboards.  If we have ministered to you in some way, would you please tell someone or send along a note to others who might benefit from our ministry?  

You are free to copy: To read and spread the Word of God,
                                    View  ! 

Scripture Bumper Stickers:  They cost only $1.00, are a true way to spread God's Word!  The website is listed for receiving Jesus Christ.  They also helps raise funds!! Click here for the list of Scripture Bumper Stickers! 

Prayer Warriors Would you please join us in prayer?  Our request is for God's Word to blanket the nation of the USA and move abroad.  For God's Word to pierce the hearts of the readers and take root in their souls, softening their hearts and causing their conversion to our Lord Jesus Christ.  For each viewer to bear fruit in the Holy Spirit and grow steadily in his or her love and service and relationship with the Lord God Almighty. And for God alone to be glorified!  YES!  I will sign up to pray for your ministry. Feedback  I want to pray for this ministry, please bring me to the prayer listed below.

Donations We do NOT solicit money from any postal mailings or flyers.  You, the viewer of our web site and of our billboards, are the only one who has the opportunity to give to this ministry.  100% of your money goes directly to the billboard postings on the highways.  We pray for your financial support.   

We love and need your prayers and financial support!  

        No matter who you are, a Church or Organization, Friends coming together, Teen or Student, Family or Individual -  YOU can have an impact on souls for the Lord Jesus Christ!  Most importantly, you can help others to not perish forever but have Eternal Life!!

You can sponsor a billboard for an entire year at $1800 - 2200.  Any donation of a lesser amount will be pooled with other sponsors and then the billboard will be posted! 

You are welcomed to have a  some space on our  Sponsor's page.  Here you can tell about your ministry, or mission.  You may also include why you sponsored the billboard and its verse.  BFC reserves the right to use our discretion on posting your message.   

If you choose to have a set location, it will cost BFC a rental fee from between $200/month to $6,000/month depending on the location.  The benefit of going through BFC is that we get numerous discounts because God has paved the way before us.  We are 100% non-profit, we have no other expenses or costs to pay.  We pay no finders fees and we rent in bulk.  

Poster Partner:    If you would like to support the Holy Word of God on a billboard, you can become a poster partner for $75 per month.  This would include receiving our newsletter and a monthly e-mail thank you note for your payment.  As your money is received, it will be pooled with other donations to pay for exalting God's Word on a billboard.  You can be told of its verse and location, if you wish.  You are also welcomed to have a  some space on our  Sponsor's page.  Here you can share why you sponsored the billboard and its verse.  Automatic deposit into our bank account is available.  Please click here Feedback to inquire about more  information about it.

Letter <please bring me to the letter that I can pass around. 

Detailed sheet < please bring me to  Ways You Can help.   

Everyone:  All money received is deeply appreciated, no matter what the amount!  The widow's mite was the greatest in the box, according to Jesus!   And He knows best!!  Mark 12:41-44  Your money is needed to be pooled with other donor's to proclaim the Good News!  Once your donation is made, you may have some space on our Sponsor's page.  Here you may tell about why you sponsored the billboard and its verse.  BFC reserves the right to use our discretion on posting your sponsor's message. 

For details on our Stewardship, Policy, or Cost of Billboards, or Gifts, just click.  All Donations are received by Mail only at:  Billboards for Christ, Inc.  P.O. Box 27,  Chester, MD 21619  

Bring me to the copies of the posted highway billboards!

All donations are received by mail only.  The address is: Billboards for Christ, Inc.  P.O. Box 27, Chester, MD  21619  

Thank you for your invaluable support!  Bring me to the Policy page to see what God's people have done!

Prayerful Support: This is the Lord's ministry, and His Will Alone should be prayed for.  We would appreciate a prayer something like this:

Dear Jesus, please bless Your ministry, Billboards for Christ.  Keep it in Your hands and protection.  Guide and guard all of the members of BFC and give them Your wisdom and discernment for Your desires and Will for BFC.  Please bless BFC, make it fruitful and multiply and spiritually and financially successful.  May you uphold your promise of Isaiah 55:11.  In Jesus' name we pray,  Amen.

Also,     That the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified through the work of Billboards for Christ, Inc. and that His Will will be accomplished.  That Jesus will send forth His Spirit upon His people and encourage them to proclaim His Word on billboards.  That the Holy Spirit will rest upon the readers of the billboards and move their eyes and hearts to His Word on the billboards.  That many will be saved and encouraged through God's Word.  That Jesus will guard and protect the billboards and web site from anything that would detract from His Words and Intentions.  That Jesus is exalted on the web site and on the billboards.  That readers of the billboards and web site may be drawn into a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and that many will be saved by the Word of God.  That BFC only brings honor and glory to God! 

If you would like to be placed on our e-mailing list to receive our newsletter, please let us know on our feedback page.

Physical Support:    BFC needs space for its vinyl covers.  If you would like to help in this ministry we need:

Free billboards donated.

A barn or a large building which could uphold God's Word.

A truck or van which could carry God's Word.

 We look forward to your information from the feedback page!

     Thank You:  For your support in any and all ways we are deeply grateful.  May the Lord God continue to bless you!  

                                    In Christ's service,   Billboards for Christ


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Send Donations To:  Billboards for Christ, Inc. P.O. Box 27    Chester, MD, 21619-0027,  U.S.A.

"Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved." "Todo aquel que invoque el nombre del Seńor sera salvo." - Joel 2:32, Romans 10:13, Romanos 10:13

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