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Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.  Psalm 95:7-8, Hebrews 4:7

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Y'eshua, the Messiah Loves you!!

        That is the only reason you are here! - to know that GOD loves you with all of His Infinite, Powerful, All-knowing and All-Loving Heart!!

Yes!-- And the only reason He made you was BECAUSE  He loves you and wants you to love Him in return!!

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Lord God Almighty, bless this reader today.  Come near to him or her, and draw him or her near to You.  Please make Your Presence felt and known in a concrete way, so that Your Truth and Love for them is undeniable.  Bring them into a closer relationship with Yourself so that they may be Your delight, and they in turn would delight in You!  Make their joy full as they surrender to Your Kingship over their life!!  In Christ's Name we pray, Amen. 

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Do you love God in return?  Where will you go when your time is up here on earth? Heaven orHell  Why will you end up there? Righteous Life or Sinful Life

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The way our website works:  If you see a word in blue, you may press on it with the left click of your mouse to be brought to a screen that has a description of that word.  If you would like to go back to the page before that screen, press "BACK" on the top of your computer screen above our web site viewing.  

How to read the Bible:  On this website you will see the Bible referred to often.  It will list the Name of the Book with the Chapter number next to it. then a " : " mark with the Verse(s) following it.  For example:  Genesis 1: 1-18 means "open the Bible to the book of Genesis and to the first chapter.  Then read verses number 1 to and including 18.  In the Bible you will see that some sentences have numbers in front of them.  Those numbers are the verse numbers.  If you see something like this : Genesis 1   , that means that the entire chapter number 1 of the book of Genesis is referenced.

A brief Bible study    In Genesis 1, you will find the account of God creating all things out of nothing and that what He created was good.   Included in this is God's decision to make Man in His image (verse 26).  That means man was created with an eternal soul, a soul  that will never die.  Later on, in  Genesis 2:16-17, God tells Adam, the first man, how it is possible for him to die.  If Adam chooses to disobey one rule, he will die.  This is where that eternal soul now can be separated from the friendship with God, the one Who loves him and the Giver of all good things.  When Adam sins, he hides from God, and then is removed from the beautiful garden of Eden with God. (Genesis 3:8, 23).   Later on we see how God made a way for man (and  woman) to have and keep friendship with God forever.  It came by God sending His own and only Son to us, personally, to die for all of our wrongdoing and sins.  God's Son's name is Jesus.  When we accept Jesus' atonement for our sins, allowing Jesus to take the punishment that we deserve for our wrongdoing because He alone is a worthy and acceptable sacrifice (Revelation 5:12, Isaiah 53:12), then we are eagerly forgiven by God and happily accepted back into friendship with the Holy and Righteous God!

Do you know that God Loves you??

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"Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved." "Todo aquel que invoque el nombre del Señor sera salvo." - Joel 2:32, Romans 10:13, Romanos 10:13

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