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~This site map is based on your needs. (Not all of the pages are listed here, however, it easier to maneuver.  For a complete site map click onto Comprehensive Site Map.

1- Do I need God? Do I need a Saviour?   -Something Missing?     Me llevan a las páginas en Español.

~God's Laws     ~The Atonement        ~Loving Kindness       ~Just Forgiven  

~ Romans' Road       ~Salvation, Bible         ~ Where are you going?      

~Personal Relationship       ~Thought Questions     Types of Sins

~Yes, God Loves Me            ~No, I am not sure God Loves Me

2- Who is God?    ~The Lord God Almighty    ~God the Father     ~Christ

 ~The Holy Spirit    ~Trinity    ~Names of God      ~Holy is the Lord     ~God Communicates

~Jesus Christ, Messiah      ~Jesus Christ's Power    ~Jesus Christ Person    

3- Messianic Prophesies:  ~For the Jews   ~The Atonement  

~God's Laws    ~The Word of God     ~Noah        ~Names of God      

~Holy is the Lord        ~To BE with God        ~Christ to be...     

~Christ's Foretold Death    ~Christ's Foretold Resurrection and Return    

~Salvation, Bible     ~Loving Kindness

4- What has God done for Me?   ~Who Made You?        ~Who Creates?

~Everlasting Love       ~The Atonement          ~God Communicates    ~Just Forgiven        ~God's Promises

5- God speaks, what is His Word?   ~The Word of God     God's Laws

~Trustworthy Word       ~Commandment I       ~Commandment II

 ~Commandment III, IV, V        ~Commandment VI, VII    

~Commandment VIII, IX, X       ~ Las páginas en Español

6- What is my relationship with God?     ~Righteousness      ~Sinful Life     ~Sinner's Prayer

~What is Salvation   ~How to Pray     ~To BE with God       ~Noah      ~Just Forgiven

~Loving Kindness         ~New Christian        ~Worship God           ~Fertile Soil  

~Your Religion?        ~My Religion is Good            ~God's Promises

7- What could my relationship be with God?    ~Born Again    ~Noah   

 ~Faith in and Fear of the Lord     ~Pure Heart       ~Salvation, Bible      ~Sinner's Prayer

~Abiding in Christ      ~Silversmith     ~Tithe   ~Come to Me     ~Come Near

~Cast your Cares     ~New Creation    ~Heaven      ~My Room      ~Just Forgiven 

 ~Loving Kindness         ~New Christian        ~a Friendship with God     Being a Growing Christian

~God's Promises            ~Worship God           ~Fertile Soil  

8- What is the Eternal view of Life and who are the players?  

~The Big Picture         ~The Lord God Almighty    ~Names of God     

 ~World Violence        ~Holy is the Lord       ~Heaven       -The Devil        -Hell      

9- What are the consequences of my choices in life?    ~Righteousness 

~Heaven    ~Sinful Life    -Hell     -Rich  Young  Man    ~Loving Kindness

~Temptation       ~Repent        ~False Teachings      ~False Teachings 2 

 ~Mormons        ~Cult/False Religions        ~Many Gods?     ~Types of Sin

~My Religion is Good         ~Your Religion?        ~Idolatry       ~Fertile Soil

~ Sexual Activity        ~Marriage         ~World Violence        ~Worship God

10- What can I ask of God?    ~My Room    ~To BE with God    

~How to Pray     ~Reasons not to Believe    ~What is Salvation   ~Repent  

~Come to Me    ~Cast your Cares      ~Broken Hearted     ~Pure Heart    

~Promises      ~New Creation         ~Everlasting Love    ~Loving Kindness   

~Sinner's Prayer        ~God's Promises

11- What Christians believe:      ~The Nicene Creed      ~Pure Heart    

~The Holy Spirit in the Believer     ~New Christian    ~Just Forgiven

 (And all the items on this web site.)    ~God's Promises 

12- Bible studies: 

~New Creation        ~ 2Cor. 5:17        ~Come to Me     ~Everlasting Love     

 ~Cast your Cares      ~Broken Hearted     ~Pure Heart     ~Psalms        ~God's Promises

~Joshua & Nehemiah        ~Who Made You?        ~Who Creates?  

~ Psalm 143    - Resurrection        -Depressed?     -Rich  Young  Man    

 ~New Christian      ~Feelings      ~World Violence        ~Come Near    

~Maturing the Saints   ~Bible Devotional         ~New Christian      ~God as a Father 

Other Thoughts:   ~Christmas       ~Easter        - Easter Thoughts      ~las páginas en Español

Resurrection Sunday   ~St. Valentine's Day    ~Halloween?  ~who is in Hell

~Psalm 34    ~Definitions    ~Feelings    ~Your Questions  ~Testimonies

~The San Francisco Bay Area      ~Messages    ~The Lord God is One  

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