Jesus Christ's Power


Jesus was a man of authority and action.  Jesus has absolute power and authority over all because Jesus is God's Son.

The books referred to below are Matthew = Matt, Mark= Mk, Luke = Lk and John in the New Testament.  For more instruction see How to read the Bible. Jesus is fully God and fully man.

                                    Jesus has Power to:

Raise the dead   Heal - Cure sickness   Cast out demons   Nature    Forgive sins

Jesus Christ has the Power and Authority to raise the dead:

A dead girl        Matt 9:18-25   Mark 5:21-24,35-43  Luke 8:40-42,49-56

A widow's son                                         Lk 7:11-16  John 11:1-44

Lazarus                                                           Luke 11:1-44

Jesus Christ has the Power and Authority to Heal.  Jesus Healed:

A  man with Leprosy                    Matt 8:2-4    Mk 1:40-42     Lk 5:12-13 

The Roman centurion's servant     Matt 8:5-13                       Lk 7:1-10

Peter's mother-in-law                 Matt 8:14-15   MK 1:30-31    Lk 4:38-39

A paralyzed man                         Matt 9:2-7      Mk 2:3-12      Lk 5:18-25

A woman with bleeding              Matt 9:20-22    Mk 5:25-29    Lk 8:43-48

Two blind men                          Matt 9:27-31

A man with shriveled hand         Matt 12:10-13   Mk 3:1-5       Lk 6:6-10

Two blind men                          Matt 20:29-34   Mk 10:46-52  Lk18:35-43 

A deaf mute                                                     Mk 7:31-37

A blind man at Bethsaida                                   Mk 8:22-26

A crippled woman                                                               Lk 13:11-13

A man with dropsy                                                              Lk 14:1-4

Ten men with leprosy                                                          Lk 17:11-19

The high priest's servant                                                      Lk 22:50-51

An official's son at Capernaum                                           John 4:46-54

A sick man at pool of Bathesda                                          John 5:1-9

A man born blind                                                              John 9:1-7

And more....                Matt 15:30-31        ........

Jesus Christ has Authority over demons.  Jesus drove them out of:

Two men from Gadara                  Matt 8:28-34      Mk 5:1-15        Lk 8:27-35

A mute man                                    Matt 9:32-33

A blind and mute man                   Matt 12:22

Canaanite woman's daughter     Matt 15:21-28   Mk 7:24-30   

A boy                                              Matt 17:14-18     Mk 9:17-29     Lk 9:38-43

A man in synagogue                                                  Mk 1:23-26     Lk 4:33-35

Many possessed                          Matt 8:16-17        Mk 1:32-34      Lk 4:40-41

Jesus Christ has the Power and Authority Nature:

Calms the storm          Matt 8:23-27     Mk 4:37-41    Lk 8:22-25

Walks on water            Matt 14:25         Mk 6:48-51    John 6:19-21

Feeds 5000 people    Matt 14:15-21    Mk 6:35-44    Lk 9:12-17 John 6:6-13

Feeds 4000 people    Matt 15:32-38    Mk 8:1-9

Coin in Fish                  Matt 17:24-27

Commanded a fig tree to wither    Matt 21:18-22    Mk 11:12-14,20-25 

Large catch of fish                                                             Luke 5:4-11

Turned water into wine                                                      John 2:1-11

Another large catch of fish                                                John 21:1-11

Jesus Christ has the Power and Authority to forgive sins:

Your sins are forgiven             Matt 9:2-8   Mk 2:2-12    Lk5:18-26   John 5:14

I have come to call sinners            Matt 9:13      Mk 2:17     Lk 5:32

My blood poured out for forgiveness of sins  Matt 16:28 Mk 14:24 Lk 22:20    

They might turn and be forgiven                                          Mk 4:9-12

Sinful woman forgiven                                                                   Lk 7:44-50

Adulterous woman not condemned                                            John 8:1-11

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